Ten Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Instagram.

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

So, you want to get better at Instagram and gain a huge amount of likes and followers every month?

There isn't a single person I know who will tell you this is simple. If so, run in the opposite direction.

Instagram is challenging and it requires a lot of work. However, when you put in the hard work, the rewards can be amazing!

In this article, I'm going to let you know Ten precious tips to help you get better at Instagram and sky-rocket your presence on the most popular social media platform.

Also, I'm going to let you know the tools I use to help me create content and grow my account.

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1. Write a stunning bio

2. Create interesting content

3. Post regularly

4. Identify top Hashtags

5. Use Instagram Stories

6. Take advantage of Instagram Highlights

7. Cross Promote

8. Go Live

9. Engage with your followers and targeted audience

10. Tools & Resources


Writing a good bio on your Instagram profile can make a huge difference. Let me illustrate this for you. Which profile would you click on?

Without any intention of discriminating against anyone, it seems pretty clear that the right profile has a really direct and concise biography.

Biographies, need to solve 3 main aspects:

  1. What is your job?

  2. What do you do in your job?

  3. Call to action

Any additional information is welcome as long as it maintains a coherent layout.


Sounds obvious to say that you need to create interesting content.

And, I bet every time you post you probably think it's interesting, otherwise, why else would you post it.

The fact is when we post on Social Media if it's for business purposes we need to define objectives our posts are going to achieve.

Whether you want to share valuable information, sell a product, or recommend an experience, your posts need to be interesting for your target audience. Not only for you.

So next time you are about to post on Social Media, ask yourself:

- Is this post interesting for my followers?

- Does this post have an objective?

- Is this post High Quality?

Answering these questions will determine if your post will be relevant enough to post it.


Posting regularly can increase your presence on Instagram quite considerably. I shared an Instagram post that explains the ideal posting frequency on Social Media Platforms.

On Instagram, the ideal posting rate for a brand new business according to 14 different studies online, is 3 posts per day.

If your business is relatively new, but you've already passed the 1,000 follower mark, then 2 posts per day is ideal.

Once your business is running properly and you have been able to define a good content strategy, 1 post per day is enough to continue supporting your business.

Click on the image to view the post.


Identifying top hashtags for your posts can make a massive difference in terms of reach & engagement.

I have 2 strategies to find hashtags that have very good results for my posts.

  1. Steal your competitor's hashtags. Don't worry, this is not harmful to anyone. Head over to the people/brands similar to your profile and take a look at their top 9 posts. See which one performed better (more likes & comments) and copy the hashtags into your notes app on your phone. Try them out on your next post, if they don't do good, find another competitor, and repeat the process.

  2. Head over to Best Hashtags and type in the main keywords that you relate to in your profile. For example, if you are a travel blogger, type in: Travel.

This tool will automatically generate 3 lists of hashtags: Frequent, Popular, and Rare. According to their suggestions, you need to pick 3-4 frequent hashtags, 6-8 Popular, and 12-15 rare to maximize your engagement.

Make lists of 5 different hashtags groups and try them out on your next posts!


Instagram Stories are great to grow your audience and increase your engagement. In case you haven't noticed Instagram stories are ordered chronologically, like the old Instagram feed.

Why is this important?

Well, it means that if you create at least 3 stories everyday, you will appear in the top of your friends stories everyday.

Plus, if you use hashtags and location tags you could reach people who are not following you.

Stories have higher engaging percentages than posts. You can use Instagram's stickers to interact with your followers and this way it will be more entertaining.

Do you know how to use all the Instagram stickers to engage your audience?

If not, send us a message here and we'll explain everything you need to know ;)


These are the little bubbles or circles that stay forever underneath your bio.

Highlights can feature your past stories, and be useful to remind people about valuable content you shared.

In my case, I use them to categorize useful information I shared on my stories, so I can direct to people to each highlight whenever they ask a question I've already covered.

Also, brands can feature their discounted products, new arrivals, collaborations, media coverages and so many more.

I think we have to look at these like if they were a library of information.


Cross-promoting on different platforms can gather a nice amount of followers on your Instagram account and can also raise the trust factor.

However, both of these platforms have great SEO rankings, and google constantly favors the content coming from Twitter and LinkedIn.

Twitter and LinkedIn are one of the most underrated social media platforms when it comes to online businesses. This is due to the lack of understanding people have on these platforms.

While Instagram is fun and visual, Twitter and LinkedIn seem more technical and professional. Which makes it less appealing to new social media users.

However, both of these platforms have great SEO rankings and google constantly favours the content coming from Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you want to see a test, type a niche market on Google, and see how many results in the first page you get from Twitter and LinkedIn.

My preferred platforms to cross-promote are SEO rankings and google constantly favors the content coming from Twitter and LinkedIn.Facebook Page or a Facebook Group where you share more than a photo is crucial to anyone who is starting to build a business on Instagram.m.

Facebook is Instagram's big brother. This means that anything you do on Instagram, will have an immediate effect on Facebook. Having a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group where you share more than a photo, is crucial to anyone who is starting to build a business on Instagram


Going Live on Instagram is a great way to connect with your followers. Although it might seem difficult at the beginning, going Live can increase your engagement rate massively.

When you go Live, Instagram places your profile in front of every story your followers see.

Even after you finish your Live Session, it will appear on your follower's stories.

There aren't any other tips regarding getting good at doing "Lives". It takes practice and planning.

Some great examples of a great "Live" session can be:

- Behind the scenes of your job

- Live tutorials/Master Class

- Making off one of your products

- Guest Live with a colleague from your Industry

- Experience


Most of the clients we attend ask us "how can we increase our engagement?". This is a very simple question. Give and you will receive.

Imagine no one says anything to you while you walk down the street and when you get home you say - "Wow, no one said anything to me today".

This is a 2-way communication folks! you speak with someone, they will reply. It's up to you how much you want to interact with people.

On a daily basis, I usually send 60 comments on posts I like and reply to 30 DMs.

Set up an hour aside from your daily schedule and dedicate it to engage with people in your industry.


The daily tool and resources I use the most are: - Instagram Post templates for any size.

Ingrammer - Hashtag generator

Remove Bg - Free software online to remove the background of your photos.

Creator Studio - Facebook Tool to schedule your posts and keep track of analytics

When to Post App - App to see your best times to post on Instagram

I hope I was able to throw some light on your Instagram game and you feel much more confident when you post next time.

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