How To Create A Carousel On Canva

Engagement is one of the biggest concerns these days on Instagram. Many Instagram users constantly contact us to solve their biggest problem: Content Creation and Engagement.

It is definitely something you should be focusing on in the coming year.

Fortunately, Instagram has a lot of tools for you to be creative and have endless possibilities to engage your audience.

The real issue is, how to create actually engaging content.

In this blog post, I'm going to let you know how to create carousels on Canva that will keep your audience highly engaged.

As you probably know, Canva is a free tool online that allows you to create many different templates for your Instagram, Youtube, Facebook you name it.

But first, let's start by talking about Instagram's photo measures.

Instagram Aspect Ratios & Dimensions

There are 3 dimension you can post on your Instagram feed:

We have tracked the amount of engagement received on each dimension and we found out that 4:5 is the best option when creating a carousel.

This is due to the amount of time it takes a person to scroll through their feed. Resulting in a much longer time to scroll through a 4:5 post than a 1:1 or 1.91:1.

Creating a Carousel from scratch on Canva

In order to avoid writing a longer post on the features Canva offers, I will get right to the point so you can get up and running and create amazing carousels.


Click on "Create a Design" and on the option "Custom Size".

Type in 3240 by 1080 px and hit create design

On the left side, hit on "Elements" and type in "Square" on the search bar.


Resize the square to fit the total height of the carousel and resize the square to 1080 by 1080 just dragging it with the side icons.

Copy and paste the square 2 times and drag the squares to the empty spaces on the side.

It should look like this:

We added these squares so when we insert our design, we know where are the margins for the next square.

Now it's time to edit your carousel. First, you want to add the text of your post on the first square. Second, you want to add a transition element so people know they have to scroll to the next slide. Like this:

Once you've finished creating the first slide (3 squares) go ahead and duplicate the slide to create another one below.

Remember Instagram allows you to post up to 10 photos so that means you can create 4 slides (3 squares each = 12 squares) and you will only use 10 squares.

In my case, I like to work with 4 squares at the same time, in order to simplify. The measures for a 4 square slide is 4320 x 1080.


In case you don't have much inspiration, you can always go to Pinterest and search for "Instagram Carousel ideas".

There is tons of Carousel Ideas that you can get inspiration from. But remember, don't copy exactly what others are doing.

You want to personalize your designs to your colors, your fonts and your message. This will help you differentiate from the competition and in turn, people will keep coming to your profile for more inspiration.


Go ahead and export your design to your computer or use the Canva app on your phone to download it directly to your phone.

If you have logged in on you will be able to see the design on your phone as well.

For practical purposes I will guide you if you choose to export the carousel on your phone:

I use the app Unsquared. It is very simple to use and the quality is great.

Just load the carousel to Unsquared and select the amount of cuts you need.

If you choose the carousel 3240 x 1080 px then you will need 3 cuts.

If you choose 4320 x 1080 px then you need 4 cuts.

Cut every carousel you have on your phone and then just go to Instagram and post!

Voilà! you're done

I hope this was useful and you can start creating amazing carousels now.

If you need help creating your carousels, send us an email at: and we will get in touch with you to learn more about your needs.

See you!



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