How to Become an Influencer in Social Media in 2021

In recent years, Influencer Marketing has become one of the hottest strategies for brands looking to expand their reach or their sales. This makes sense — you increase the reach of your brand by collaborating with another individual who uses his/her social network to produce fans/sales.

Influencers are most common on Social Media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. However, in the past years, we’ve seen platforms like Tik Tok or Twitter take advantage of this new role and it has become massive.

In this post we’ll explain The benefits of being an Influencer in Social Media in 2021, The Challenges Influencers face, How to become an Influencer in Social Media, and provide 8 suggestions on how to start from scratch.

The Benefits of Being an Influencer in Social Media in 2021

Influencer magazine reported there are 3.4 billion social media users in 2020. That’s 50% of the world population. Only 0,5% of social media users are known as influencers. This includes Big Influencers like celebrities, Macro Influencers, Micro-Influencers, and Nano Influencers.

Digital marketers and brands have realized the importance of collaborating with influencers. The biggest advantage of influencer marketing is that it gives marketers direct access to an influencer’s loyal fan base.

It also saves marketers the trouble of identifying and targeting the right audiences. That painstaking task has already been done by the influencer. That is why 86% of marketers used influencer marketing in 2017.

And who doesn’t enjoy being able to impact other people’s lives and influence their decisions? In fact, according to, the most effective and trusted source of driving conversions are social media influencers. This clearly indicates that influencers have the power to persuade their followers.

The Challenges Social Media Influencers face

Being an Influencer may seem like the most glamorous choice you wake up with one day, but, it’s not.

Behind all the glitter we see in Social Media, there is a ton of work behind. Even their so-called “behind the scenes” posts have a massive amount of work and planning behind.

Most people will fail during their first year and the rest have very little possibility of living the “Influencer Life”.

A personal brand strategy is needed from the beginning to avoid falling into a depressed state where you see yourself not fulfilling your dreams.

Sales and persuasion skills are a must as an Influencer if you want to reach the goals that brands request on your sponsoring agreement. Many people don’t get this point. If you are not able to put yourself into the brand’s shoes and know how you can make this a win-win relationship, then your value is 0.

How to Become an Influencer in Social Media in 2021

The life of an Influencer is much envied by many people. However, what people don’t see is the efforts put behind before the bling-bling life hits you.

There is no direct answer to the question “how to become an Influencer”. But, based on our Marketing knowledge and my previous expertise as a Travel Influencer for brands like Lonely Planet, Hilton Hotels, and many tourism boards around the world, here are our recommendations.

8 Steps to Become a Social Media Influencer from Scratch

1. Pick a Niche

If you want to become an Influencer, you cannot be a Jack (or Lauren) of all trades and “Master of nothing”. It is crucial that you pick a niche that aligns with your passion, your image, and your character.

A fashion influencer needs to be in front of the camera all the time and master the skill of communication. Depending on your personal traits, if this is going to be a huge challenge for your personality, don’t do it only for the glam.

Do an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. What are you good at? What are you not so good at? Are you a fluent speaker? Or a timid introvert?.

Once you know these answers, pick a niche that allows you to expose your strengths and further expand your skills. It’s a journey, it’s not a one-day thing. You will learn things about yourself that are positive and you will also find aspects about yourself you didn’t know were negative.

Picking a niche will define the type of customers you will have, and the content that will suit your future audience.

Here are some niches for you to pick:

  • Travel

  • Lifestyle

  • Fashion

  • Food

  • Beauty

  • Sports

  • Gaming

  • Entertainment

  • Tech

  • Health and Fitness

It’s not mandatory that you stick to any of these popular niches.

Little 10-year-old Mikel Tube became a popular sensation on YouTube by playing with his brother and the other toys they own. They currently have 6.55 Million subscribers earning more than 500.000$ per year.

Image via Youtube


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2. Pick your Social Media Platform

You probably answered right off the bat with your favourite platform. But, let me recommend you something. Have a scroll through the top Social Media platforms that come to mind and try to use each of them for a good 10 minutes.

I’m pretty sure you will discover new platforms that inspire your creativity and match your way of being an influencer.

Today’s most popular Social Media platforms are:

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Tik Tok

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Snapchat

  • LinkedIn

For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, Instagram would work better for your visual content than other platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. In fact, 93% of social media influencers prefer Instagram as it delivers the best results. However, that doesn’t mean that you should focus all of your effort on Instagram if your niche doesn’t align with the platform.

Digital Marketing guru on Instagram Ginny Fears has expanded her reach to YouTube, where she offers more extended tutorials.

Image Via Instagram

While it is recommended that you select the platform that is most suited for your content and target audience, you shouldn’t ignore other distribution channels. Instead, you should strive to acquire a basic working knowledge of other channels so that you can utilize them in the future if the need arises.

3. Pick your Content Wisely

High-quality content is a direct answer to this. You might probably be tempted to post just anything you feel it’s worth it, but trust me, don’t do that.

If what you’re posting doesn’t amaze you and 5 of your closest friends (yes, send your posts to your friends and ask them) then it is definitely not worth it.

In fact, this is going to be the pillar that is going to sustain your business as an influencer, so pay close attention to it. If it’s not relatable and meaningful, don’t post it.

Depending on your niche and distribution channels, you can choose different types of content such as blog posts, photos, videos, podcasts, etc.

You can also run joint social media giveaways or contests with the brands that you collaborate with. You can use a tool like VYPER to create engaging contests and giveaways that attract tons of participants.

Image via VYPER

It is crucial to add your signature voice to every piece of content you create. That is what will distinguish you from other people who are also trying to figure out how to be an influencer.

Wondering how to do that? Let’s understand with the help of an example.

Lauren Bullen, an Influencer on Instagram as @gypsea_lust, shows her style in every post on Instagram to the extent that she’s created her own lifestyle around it.

It is extremely important that you find the unique quirk or trait that distinguishes you from other influencers in your niche. Once you have identified this unique selling proposition (USP), incorporate it into your content as much as possible.

4. Listen to Your Audience

Part of being an Influencer involves listening to what your audience has to say about your content.

As a start, make sure you surround yourself with the most critical of your friends and ask them what do they think about your posts. If you want my advice, let them know to avoid any compliments and to be as mean as possible.

Allow them to give your their most visceral comments and hold your horses when they do so. It’s going to hit you directly in your soul.

But, behind those comments, there is very little learning you can take. Reduce the fluff of their comments to the essential content that they are speaking about and you’ll have a handful of comments that will help you improve your communication/posts.

When you want to generate content that resonates with your target audience, there are several ways to find what topics are hot.

In order to get relevant content ideas, you can run a quick Google search for your niche. Scroll down to the bottom of search results to find the long-tail keywords that are being used by your target audience. You can also search platforms such as Quora and Reddit to get an idea of what your target audience is talking about.

If you want your content to strike a chord with your audience, you must have a deep understanding of your follower community.

5. Master your Hashtag game

If you are wondering how to become an influencer and excel at it, the answer is to make judicious use of the right hashtags. Your content only becomes valuable and meaningful when it reaches the right audience.

There are many different websites out there that will help you identify your best hashtags. It all comes down to 3 things:

  • Your niche

  • Your content

  • Your target audience

I use 2 websites to position my posts where they should be: Ingrammer and HashtagsforLikes

Ingrammer is partly free. They allow you to do 3 searches a day. But the results are really good quality. Make sure you only use the hashtags that are highlighted in green.

Hashtagforlikes is a paid service, but really powerful and effective. Definitely give it a go. For 19$ you can have a weekly subscription and use all their features.

I want to make clear that I don’t receive any affiliate links from any of these platforms. This is my honest review of the platforms I used.

6. Be Consistent

If you want to be a Social Media Influencer in 2021, there is only one word that is going to matter to you: Consistency.

The minute you loosen the foot of the gas pedal, 3,000 influencers will be taking the lead at that precise moment. That’s how competitive the Influencer world is.

Many people trying, and many people failing.

This doesn’t have to be you if you follow these principles:

  1. Understand how many hours a day you can commit to.

  2. Define a content calendar per month.

  3. Make sure you split your time between content creation and customer acquisition -

If you need more information on this, book a FREE strategy call with us here.

Consistency will determine your success. It is really important you understand this. There is no room for laziness here.

7. Collaborate with other Influencers in your Niche

When you start as an Influencer, you’re going to have to pay attention to what your competition is doing. However, competition can be turned into your network.

Contact influencers with similar accounts than you have and ask them to do a cross-promotion with your profiles.

This works really simply. Share their content and ask them to share yours. This will boost your reach massively. Do this 10 times every month and your followers and exposure with increase significantly.

8. Build a Website

Once you start getting your name out there as a Social Media Influencer, there are going to be brands who want to know a little bit more about you.

You can have a simple landing page with your photos, your biography, and what value you provide (links to your social media profiles).

With WIX you can find a free domain name and a beautiful-looking website with your main photos.

To start this is going to be enough. Once you can invest a little money (ask your parents for money on your birthday ;) ) you can invest in your domain.

Ready to Become an Influencer?

If you read this far, I must say thank you for reading, but most importantly, you’ve taken a big step towards becoming a Social Media Influencer in 2021.

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Hope you enjoyed this content and your pumped to becoming a successful Social Media Influencer in 2021.


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